Installing Kerberos Hub wherever you want.

Kerberos Hub is the single pane of glass for your Kerberos Agents. It comes with a best of breed open source technology stack, a modular design and out-of-the-box scalability. Kerberos Hub allows building and maintaining an ever-growing video streaming and analytics landscape.

No matter how many Kerberos Agents you have running in the field Kerberos Hub will manage it.

Helm and Kubernetes

Kerberos Hub is composed of a couple of microservices which are all installed in a Kubernetes cluster. Because we are handling with many containers, we can benefit from package managers such as Helm to deploy our resources more easily. In the near future we might use the Kubernetes operator as well.

Kerberos Hub is composed out of different microservices.

Kerberos Hub is composed out of different microservices.


Within the Kerberos Hub architecture we use a couple of third-party, open source, technologies such as:

  • MongoDB,
  • Kafka,
  • Pion Turn / Coturn,
  • and Vernemq


To install Kerberos Hub, we will redirect you to the official Github repository, kerberos-io/hub. This repository includes all the instructions needed to get Kerberos Hub up and running.


When successfully installed the Kerberos Hub Helm chart, it is time to configure the solution to your needs. Learn more about the configuration here.

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