How it works

How works, and the different building blocks.

A Kerberos Agent, is a piece of software that is responsible for monitoring a single camera stream. It contains two pieces: a front-end and a back-end. The back-end processes the video stream, applies computer vision techniques, makes recordings and takes actions (for example sending notifications). The front-end allows you to review recordings, and configure specific settings for the back-end.

A Kerberos agent consists of both a backend en frontend.

A Kerberos agent consists of both a backend en frontend.

Kerberos Vault

End-consumer or enterprises which only have a few camera streams to manage, probably will be fine with just one or more Kerberos Agents. If remote access is required they could also benefit from the Kerberos Hub Saas offering.

As soon you will process more Kerberos Agents, it will become interesting to manage your own central storage through Kerberos Vault. If you want to bring your own integrations or machine learning models than Kerberos Vault is also the way forward.

Bring your own storage using Vault

Bring your own storage using Kerberos Vault

Kerberos Hub

One or more Kerberos Agents are perfect for a small scale deployment. The disadvantage, when running a couple of Kerberos Agents, is that an agent is designed to handle a single camera stream. This means if you would like to have an overview of all your Kerberos Agents, you will need to open multiple interfaces or build something yourself. Another disadvantage is the network, typically a Kerberos Agent is on a local network, and not accessible from the internet. This requires port-forwarding, or a VPN tunnel to properly secure and access them.

Kerberos Vault connected to Kerberos Hub.

Kerberos Vault connected to Kerberos Hub.

To overcome these disadvantages a tool, Kerberos Hub, was developed that allows to connect a couple, or a thousand of video stream to a single pane of glass. The idea is that you can use either the Kerberos Hub Saas offering or the Kerberos Hub self-hosted version, depending on your needs.

Kerberos Hub comes with features to manage cameras in groups or sites, view livestreams, delegate access of a subset of cameras to specific accounts, filtering through machine learning, etc.

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