The Kerberos.io mission statement

We want to provide every human being on this planet with a free-of-charge solution, a video platform, to protect its families, friends, homes, or anything it cares for, in the form of Open Source; MIT license.

We develop our solutions in such a way, that it’s using the latest technologies and best-practices, to create a seamless, never-seen and delicious user experience in the space of video management, video analytics and video surveillance.

Our mission is to reach far beyond the traditional video platforms we experiencing nowadays. We have a strong focus to simplify the process of scaling, going from a simple home deployment to a large scale production deployment with thousands of cameras.

While moving on, and leveraging our skills to scale, we are experimenting and implementing video analysis that are linked to optimise specific use case: people tracking, license plate recognition, people counting, etc. These concepts will/are be integrated in the various components of the Kerberos.io portfolio.

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