The Kerberos.io mission statement

Kerberos.io initiated as a side project, due to inspiration and motivation in the space of video analytics, computer vision and machine learning. Its first focus was video surveillance only, as nowadays burglary or attacks are very common in this world.

Due to this, our first mission is to provide every human being on this planet with a solution, a video platform, to protect its families, friends, homes, etc in the form of open source (MIT license).

Our second mission is to make this video platform affordable and Open Source (MIT), and develop it in such a way, that it’s using the latest technologies, to create a seamless, never-seen and delicious user experience.

While we moved forward our third mission is to scale, and make Kerberos reach far beyond a traditional video platform. With the rise of Kerberos Enterprise Suite, we now focus on large scale deployments (covering thousands of cameras), and video intelligence through machine learning.

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