First things first

An agent with a mind for scale

The Kerberos Agent is an isolated and scalable video management agent with a strong focus on user experience, scalability, resilience, extension and integration. It is the backbone of the entire ecosystem, and is used as a foundation for small deployments to production level deployments with thousands of cameras.

Next to the Kerberos Agent, provides many other tools such as Kerberos Factory, Kerberos Vault and Kerberos Hub to provide additional capabilities: bring your own cloud, bring your own storage, central overview, live streaming, machine learning etc.

As explained before, there is no need to install all those components from the start. Usually you just start with a few Kerberos Agents, scale over time, and add additional components to support additional use cases.


So by now you’ll understand that applies the concept of agents. An agent is running next to (or on) your camera, and is processing a single camera feed. It applies motion based or continuous recording and make those recordings available through a user friendly web interface. A Kerberos Agent allows you to connect to other cloud services or integrates with custom applications.

Kerberos Agent overview

We’ll provide a more detailed explanation of the Kerberos Agent, but it’s important to know that the Kerberos Agent GitHub repository contains the most accurate and latest information. You can find a brief list of features and functions here.

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