Project structure

The web contains several important concepts and this is the right place where we will explain them briefly.

File structure

The web repository is not that big, however we give you a brief overview of the most important files/directories.


  • config/app.php - general application settings.
  • config/kerberos.php - this file contains specific parameters; the user credentials to sign in, etc.
  • app/Http/Controllers - MVC controllers
  • app/Http/Repositories -repositories are injected into the controller.
  • app/Providers/AppServiceProvider.php - bind repositories to a specific interface - dependency injection.
  • routes/api.php - contains all the URI endpoints for Ajax calls.
  • routes/web.php - url routing for pages.


  • public/css/less - LESS is used for the CSS.
  • public/js/app - BackboneJS and RequireJS is used for building modular JS classes.
  • public/js/mustache - Mustache is used for the client-side view rendering.
  • public/js/vendor - This is where the bower extensions are installed.
  • public/capture - A directory where images are written to by default.
  • public/bower.json - The bower extensions used in the kerberos project.
  • public/Gruntfile.js - We are using Grunt for our task manager.

Settings page

One of the most important reasons why the web exists is because it's a GUI to configure the machinery. The web contains a settings page where algorithms, expositors and much more can be configured. There is a basic setting view and an advanced settings view. The advanced view will convert the configuration files (from the machinery) into HTML elements, so e.g. when adding new algorithms or heuristics, the parameters will be shown on the settings page automatically. The only thing you need to do is to specify a type to each parameter. You will find an equivalent view with the same name in the resources/views/controls directory.